Causes, Consequences And Treatments For Toothache

Nothing so terrible as suffering from a toothache. Be mild or moderate, it does not matter. If it is not dealt with properly it has important consequences. Did you know? Getting a treatment from a dentist in Paschim Vihar for a toothache has to be as effective in effort as it is efficient in time.

It is not a situation that you can leave for later because there are different consequences of a toothache, which even have incidence even in your general well-being.

Discover first what are these possible causes behind a toothache, as well as the consequences that you have to foresee, to later find out what treatments for a toothache are the most ideal.

Causes of toothache


An inadequate oral health is the first because that generates the toothache. It is the reason behind diseases like gingivitis, abscesses, cavities. If we do not brush our teeth well, including the use of thread and mouthwash, it is very possible that we will end up with this ailment.

But, in addition to having all the necessary equipment, it is important to brush properly. The best dentist in Paschim Vihar suggests Do not do much force because it will cause irritation in the gum. You have to have a medium bristle brush to avoid damage during washing.

On the other hand, the use of devices and prostheses can also be a cause of toothaches. This is because they promote the accumulation of microorganisms, making complex the proper cleaning.

Not to mention that if they are not done properly they will generate swelling, irritation, and gingival pain.

Toothache due to hormonal changes

Toothache is more common in women than in men because of the different hormonal changes that occur in their lives. Puberty, during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, include among their alerts to toothaches.

This is because the hormonal change affects the stability of the gums. For example, at puberty and pregnancy, the blood flows with a higher rhythm so they become inflammatory or hyper-sensitive, says oral surgeon in Paschim Vihar.

On the other hand, when they go through menopause, the blood flow decreases, generating then: constant bleeding, discoloration of the gingival tissue, and of course, localized ailment.

Candida albicans and toothache

When we see that the tongue is stained by a whitish coloration, as well as the inside of the cheeks, it is possible to find a diagnosis by Candida albicans. It is a kind of fungus that is in the human body but that proliferates before a lowering of the defences.

Fortunately, in addition to being included among the causes of toothache, it also has an easy solution. It is only necessary to apply antifungal treatment in the affected region.

Thrush: responsible for other pains

They are mini lesions on the tongue and lips, which can also affect the gums and cause annoying pains in the area. The causes behind canker sores are variable. They can be generated by the evolution of minor wounds in the mouth, the high consumption of acidic foods, or vitamin deficiency, says the best dentist in Delhi.

The way to treat canker sores is also as easy as the previous pathology. It uses a gel or mouthwash with healing and antiseptic effect. After 2 weeks they should have disappeared. Otherwise, go to a specialist dental clinic in Paschim Vihar, Delhi as soon as possible.

Other reasons behind a toothache

The gingivitis, or build-up of plaque bacteria, which also occurs by smoking, broken teeth, or hormonal changes, can progress to periodontal disease more severe symptoms having among its first local pain and redness.

On the other hand, toothache can be present at certain stages of life, as is the emergence of wisdom teeth. It is common to occur between 17 and 21 years, and, although it is usually not very intense, pain is the main associated symptom.

Toothache and its consequences

In addition to the discomfort generated by toothache, among other important consequences are infections, tooth decay, tooth loss, sensitivity, halitosis, and even the possibility of heart problems.

According to dentist in Delhi, when there is a toothache due to fracture, the risk of bacterial entry rises, going from the tooth to the maxillofacial bone. From there to cavities, halitosis and dental losses there is only one step.

Sensitivity also enters into the consequences of a toothache. When the piece is overexposed, according to the experts of the International Association for the Study of Pain, it is very common for an annoyance to occur when eating cold, hot, acidic or sweet foods or drinks.

And about heart problems, according to the best dentist in Delhi, those who have unhealthy teeth have a 72% higher risk of heart disease.

Treatment for a toothache

In addition to going to the dentist in Paschim Vihar periodically and have an adequate dental health with a soft brush, antiseptic rinsing and healthy nutrition; It is possible to calm a toothache from home with certain very easy remedies.

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